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Creative views on fashion

Floral Business Attire accompanied by burgundy Flare Pants with a hence of black stripes.

Style is completely formed from all different angles, but allowing your mood to take the place of your wardrobe ideas simply depends on the pieces that are in your closet. I always ensure that in whatever "wardrobe attire" I select symbolizes the creative, but simplicity style. Have you ever felt unsure about an outfit? We all have, but this is when we pause and say to ourselves how could my "wardrobe" be the "highlight" of my day. While selecting the wardrobe to your left, it was hard but yet easy. I knew I was blossoming in my fashion journey and wanted the audience to see how flowers does truly grow by adding water to the soil. Notice I said "flowers," so by keeping that small detail in mind floral had to be included in my outfit. Therefore, while contemplating on which "threads" to pull out of my closet was the actual main focus to compliment the blouse chosen. What made me select burgundy? Well here it is if you didn't know the color burgundy represents the passionate aspects of life such as confidence, ambition, courage, beauty and power. On this particular day I felt so ambitious and full of power that I wanted my outfit to set the mood as I entered the room full of "bosses!" I knew the Fashion Industry was full of trial and error, but that didn't stop me. As I stopped and thought to myself, it was only right to let others know why they should "Respect the Style!" Your style should always represent your self expression. Having the eye for fashion can be sometimes difficult, but if ever in doubt define your mood and select a color that symbolizes how you're feeling. With this wardrobe tip, I can assure you that the smallest detail can make your outfit "standout," and as a Fashion Stylist it was my motive to make my entire wardrobe pop by grabbing my forest green handbag while heading out to the special occasion full of female entrepreneurs!

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